Counting Blessings. My job journey Part 1


This photo is me, heading to an interview at another school district in the hopes of landing a fulltime job. I spent last year in a district that I LOVE, teaching part time in a very peculiar position. I have my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education but also a Reading Endorsement which allows me to teach K-12 grade. So every morning I report to the Elementary school doing reading intervention for first and second grade. After lunch, I head to the middle school to tackle all the eighth graders in three Reading classes. It’s tough to have a world divided, but it has been a huge blessing, still full of challenges. A fulltime job would mean a lot of great things for our family and ONE grade to be taught, would be a huge relief on my part. So I decided to walk through this open door in another district to see if God would have me start somewhere else.

The Lord had this interview day all planned out and I’ve been watching and waiting to see what He had instore for me this year. I know this, He is always on time.


After a late night and long awaited decision about my job, this morning I curled up in bed with my Bible and prayer journal and started a love letter to God. You know the old song that sounds like this…”Count your blessings, name them one by one, county your blessings see what God has done..”

I looked back over the last weeks journals and I see one common thread. “God please make it SO obvious what school district I need to be teaching.” Last night the board tabled the vote on that job and will not decide until after I’ve already started my current (part time) job. That was my answer! SV is where The Lord wants me. I feel like relationships that have been formed and time invested might need to be cultivated a little more. God isn’t through with me yet. So for now…I will continue the path I’m on until I’m told differently. It feels so great to know that when I’m asked to do something challenging, I am completely able to do it when HE is with me.

Have you ever gone through (or are currently going through) an employment difficulty? What helped you through?


This story has a part 2! The day after I posted this something very exciting happened…

4 thoughts on “Counting Blessings. My job journey Part 1

  1. Girl…you know all about my job difficulty 😉 I am so thankful that Christ brought you back into my life, at just the right time…you are such an inspiration and encouragement and I love you! He’s timing (like always) was perfect when I needed hair advice and his timing will be perfect when he places us in our new jobs 😉 xoxo

    1. Still praying about your job situation! The Lord is already so aware of your struggles and has the next step planned! Love you much sister!

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