Bouquet of Weeds

I love a beautiful bouquet on my kitchen table. My oldest daughter knows this and always tries to please her mamma. Almost daily she skips up to me , dandelions in hand and presents me with her sweet, heart-felt gift. I know that the “flowers” are just weeds but I smell them and exhale as if they are the most fragrant of all blooms.
After my latest weed bouquet, I was thinking about how I do this very thing to God. I bring Him my weeds thinking they are worthy to sit on His table. When in fact, all my righteousness is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6)
Even though I am undone,  He sees me seeking growth in my walk with Him, He takes notice of all my efforts and welcomes me with open arms, smelling my weeds and reminding me of His love for me. Love everlasting!!
I want my gifts to be a sweet smelling savor (Genesis 8:21) More roses, less weeds.

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