Baby Naming: Laelle & Karys

Baby names. I LOVE talking about baby names. I truly get all fuzzy inside putting this name with that one and that one with this one. I’ve been known to stop and ask random people on the street their take on a particular name AND give my free advice to expectant mammas I see in the grocery store or T.J. Maxx.

When it was finally time to choose the perfect name I quickly realized when you are thinking “long term” it’s much harder than it seems.
Baby #1: Waddling around the house one day, I heard Oprah through the television say
“Lael? Is that how you say it? What a beautiful name!”
I quickly googled it to find that Lael is a Hebrew name meaning “Belonging to God” (swoon) perfect!  My hubby was pretty fond of the name “Elle” at the time and after MUCH deliberation, we combined it with our new found name to make “Laelle”.
Baby #2 was a little more difficult. The second time around you have to decide whether or not you’ll give all your babies a name with the same letter or give them their own letter.
Turns out the name we chose was in the running as a middle name for Laelle..
We chose To spell Karys’ name with a “y” because her aunt’s name is Karissa. Karys “with a y” seemed to set her apart just a bit more.
Gray was our middle name choice. I thought it had major cuteness factor!
Hubby approved this name because he is a huge buckeye fan and if you know anything about the buckeyes you know they are not shy about their team colors. As long as I’m not asked to name any future girls Scarlet, I think we will be fine.
I’d love to hear the names on your list! What are your all time favorite names for lil miss & mister?

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  1. My family loves diffrent and unusual names… My mom is Uvalde she goes by Val, her dad named her after a town in Texas. I of course am Keelie Monesa… Keelie, my mom heard on TV during the 1973 Olympics Ski events, Monesa is a family name. My Sister Marlie has Graylynn, created from our grandmonthers maiden name Gray and our moms middle name lynn. Then I have Huck… while it is a family name I had never even considered it until asking a friends mother if she knew any good boys names…. She said she heard one the other day that she thought was different “Huck”! I was sitting at a table with my husband and another couple when she told us this and we all just sat speakless with goosebumps on our arm… really? The friends mom didn’t understand what was wrong until I explained to her that is all the names she could have suggested “Huck” was what my grandfather was called all his life! It was not his legal name he was given it as a nickname ….. for the 96 years that my grandfather walked this earth he was known by friends and in his successful professional life as Huck Ford! Sitting there being 20 weeks pregnant it was decided that Huck was his name!

  2. My favorite has always been abagail Gracie or Boy Neamiaha Matthew. I do not have any children but I’ve always loved these names.

  3. I always figured that you all had purposefully picked a “K” and an “L” name because of you & Kyle! Did that have any factor at all or did it just end up happening like that?

  4. we have 3 names picked out! 2 boys and a girl. im sure they can change but theyve stuck since we first got married 3.5 years ago!
    cohen nathaniel (husbands middle name is nathaniel and he goes by nathan)
    ezra kincaid (my papaws last name is kincaid)
    sienna kate (we got married in italy, and our favorite town we visited was siena!)
    we are slightly obsessed with these names.. so we gotta have at least 2b and 1g!

    1. All of those are great! I especially love Ezra & Kincaid.. I don’t hear those often. I think Kate is also a great middle name option, it goes with almost anything:)

  5. So, after almost 5 years of marriage, we have finally decided that we are ready to start our journey as parents. Although there is no baby yet, we have already started discussing baby names :). It’s pretty much a given it has to start with letter “M” so, that narrows the field a little. For a girls name, I’m kind of liking the name Madalyn Gail. I’m not 100% percent set on the name Madalyn. I also like the name Marley. The middle name has to be Gail no matter what! It was my grandmother’s middle name, my mom’s middle name, and my middle name.
    As far as boy’s names, I was standing in the kitchen a couple weeks ago when Marcus came home from work. He walked in and there wasn’t even a hi or how was your day before he blurted out, “How do you like the name Major for a boy?” 🙂 I’m kind of liking the name Major for a boy, but we are finding it hard to come up with a middle name. So, for some fun, if you have any extra time and you have any offerings for girl’s names or a middle name for Major, I would love any ideas you might have!

  6. I have always loved the name Lauren Ashley, but my sis in law has an Ashley so we named our first “Lauren Elizabeth” after her mommy. My hubby loves Peyton Manning so that was our boy name. When we were pregnant with our second we decided “our” plans was this was the last one so we decided on Peyton for boy or girl. It was another girl so w chose “Peyton Joy”. Joy eating my middle name.

  7. I just love those names. Thanks for sharing. Question though: How do you pronounce Karys? My husband and I are going back and forth on how to pronounce it! Love the blog!

    1. Thanks Charlotte! So glad you like them:) you pronounce her name (Care-iss) the original spelling is Karis but we decided to use a y.

  8. I would love some name ideas for my little one that will be here in January 2014. For a girl, the middle has to be Mae after my grandmother, some that I have come up with but haven’t convinced my husband with just yet are: Holland Mae, Hadley Mae and I love the name Elliot for a girl but I don’t want her to be called Ellie Mae so I have scratched that one. I am open for anything, I would like something that isn’t so common. For a boy, I like one syllable first names, Max, Reid Matthew, Tate Matthew, the middle name doesn’t have to be Matthew. That is my husband’s name, but we are stuck on having that as the middle name. I would love something unique!! Our last name is Butrick (pronounced Butt – trick) so it does have to be something that flows with that as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. I love Holland Mae , Hadley IS becoming more common where I live, but still a sweet name:) If you want to stick with H names , Harlow Mae would be really cute. Some others I like would be Ezra Mae, Rooney Mae, Emzie Mae , Wrenly Mae, Tenley Mae. For boys, I also love one syllable names. Crew Matthew, I really like Tate Matthew, Crane Matthew, Drake Matthew, … Hope you like some of those ideas and good luck with the naming process , it’s a chore, but a fun chore:)

  9. Our baby is due in November! We are not finding out the baby’s gender until its birthday 🙂 with that said I am struggling to find some perfect names. If a girl the middle name will be Desiree. If a boy than middle name Michael. We have a long last name so I have been leaning toward shorter first names. Like Maia for a girl. What do you think about Ransom Micheal. That was my grandfathers name, and I have never heard of it again. Would love some help with unique names.

    1. Ransom is very different! I like that ALOT! It goes well with Michael too. I always loved “Dez” on Desiree the recent Bachelorette;)

  10. So great to hear of another Karys spelled the same way as our daughter, Karys Patience! We chose the letter K instead of C because of meaning “Grace” which is my middle name. My husband also felt she would have less confusion at schoolas the K is a hard k sound rather than the C which could be confused to have a soft sound.
    Patience is Karys’ paternal grandmothers name who was an encouragement and blessing to my husband in his teen tears. A woman of faith and an honour to name our daughter after her.

    1. Wow! I’ve never heard of another Karys spelled this way! I love it when it has a special meaning:) I agree with you about the soft c sound… We really decided on it because my husband starts with K and I start with L for our other girl. Team Karys with a y! Thanks for your comment!

  11. Love both names, especially Karys! We picked Miles because my Husband wanted a “handsome, preppy” name, and it is also my great-grandmother’s maiden name (Lila Miles) We also had Oliver, Lincoln and Wren picked out as other names for a boy. Loved picking his name! Do you think you will have anymore babies!?

    1. I love Miles’ name! Your other choices are great too. Lincoln was one I liked but hubby wouldn’t go for. Wren is gorgeous for a girl too! We would love to have another baby if The Lord allows:)

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