Pregnancy (so far) & Home Building series pt. 1

ultrasound flowers

Well here we are, just past the 23 week mark of my 3rd pregnancy. It is really moving along FAST since we announced (probably because I’m working fulltime) and “busy” makes the time FLY. Here is a quick update on what’s happened so far…

The First Trimester I…

…drank water like a camel.

…Started wearing “maternity” pants, probably earlier than most Mamas (I chalk that up to it being my 3rd baby because it makes me feel better)

…Craved jalepeno popper dip (like everyday) which I was told meant BOY!

…Tried lots of old wives tales to figure out gender. I tried the DRAINO test, which is where you put draino crystals in the toilet, then go “tinkle” . If the water turns a “greenish” color = BOY  “rust or orangey” = GIRL. I’ve been told it’s right everytime! My outcome was the “greenish” color and we were soon to find out the gender…

Second Trimester:

Gender turned out to be …BOY! Apparently the jalepeno/spicy cravings plus the draino test were TRUE!

chevron baby ties

We decided this pregnancy to go to an Early Ultrasound clinic at 15 weeks because I was just SO stinkin’ anxious. They have the most darling little gift shop and Kyle was eye-ing these little neck ties after we knew for certain he was going to have a little BOY. (The girls and I surprised him with the black and white one for Christmas)

I’ve been craving caffeinated pop (yes, we say pop not soda) like it’s going out of style. I’m really trying to have it in moderation but sometimes the lyrics to Selena Gomez go through my mind when I see a Mt. Dew

“…save your advice cause I won’t hear,

you might be right but I don’t care

there’s a million reasons why I should give you up

but the heart wants what it wants…”

Lbs gained: 7 so far

pregnancy belly stickers

I just started documenting the bump with these adorable weekly bumpdate stickers from Lucy Darling Shop. How cute are they?

bumpdate belly


I wish I would’ve known about these from the very beginning! Everything in her shop is so clever!


There’s lots of “belly talk” in the house right now among our girls. Yesterday Karys said “Next time can I go back in your belly?” I asked her how she planned to get “back in my belly?” and she said “I’ll just go through the top” My response ” Karys, that means I would have to eat you” with a half confused, half disgusted look on her face she said “Ewww gross” hahah Baby talk with 2 year olds…classic!


Over the Holiday break we were (once again) overwhelmed with new toys in our 700 sq ft. rental …so we did our usual routine and went into FULL ON storage mode! Kyle gets in these kicks when there is no room to walk in our house and I gladly oblige:) We are hoping for this to be our last year of the crazy present madness and will have MUCH more space next Christmas. It’s been a great little house for us for these past 8 years but we are quickly loosing all creativity when it comes to storage. We have tried countless times to get more space in the past and The Lord clearly had not opened the door for us until now…which brings us to the house update:


This Fall we finally became land owners of the property we fell in love with as a dating couple. We would ride four wheelers up  to this spot and sit and talk about how we were going to build a house on it right when we were married. HA! I’m so happy for couples blessed to build homes RIGHT after the wedding, or in some cases, during the engagement. The finances would just NOT allow us to do that. After a long wait and tight living quarters we could not be more excited!


We were able to post our sign for the company contractors to come and stake out the house and talk through all the fun exciting things like…where the electrical line will go? How much drive way gravel should we allow for construction?…and of course, where does the “Port-a-potty” need to go for the workers? As you can imagine, none of that thrills me and I was more excited about the decorative stuff…


Believe it or not, so was Kyle. He was very involved with the color choices for paint/ tile and all that jazz. He helped me pick out the perfect flooring I had my eye on …the dark rustic wood with the wide planks…


He EVEN bought me a farm house sink for our anniversary!! Nothing says love like 36 inches of porcelain!

farm house sink

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me post about this one a LONG time ago…dreams DO come true!


So far, it’s been a slow process getting the “specifics” ironed out but we are SO thankful! Right now …we have to wait on our construction loan to “close” after that, our building company will (hopefully) start about a month later. We are really crossing our fingers for them to start end of Feb/early March. This will put our move in date to July, summertime-ish.

I’m always up for home building advice. If there’s ANYTHING  you wish you would have known when building please let me know in the comments below:) Trust me, this is all very new but super exciting!


Thanks for reading!!



One thought on “Pregnancy (so far) & Home Building series pt. 1

  1. Oh my gosh, SO much to be excited about!! First, the belly stickers… I have never seen anything like that! LOVE! (as if I didn’t have baby fever!) And I almost cried reading about your patient wait for your dream home on your dream land! Thanks to baseball, we won’t be able to put real roots down and have a house for a few years either, my heart is so overjoyed that you are finally getting yours!!


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