Monochrome Nursery & girly Girl room tours

After two solid months of day (and many late) nights unpacking & putting away, organizing & pitching, I can honestly say our house is starting to feel like “home.” I tried not to overwhelm myself with too many DIY projects but it’s just so hard not to consult Pinterest for EVERYTHING when decorating a new space.

Here are some of my favorite (staged) photos of our kid’s rooms right before our Christmas party. This was the tidiest version you will ever see..we’re still working on a responsibility routine where the girls clean up dirty clothes and learn how to put things in their proper place…ugh! tough stuff.

black and white nursery

I’m so crazy for Kreed’s little monochrome nursery. It’s perfect for him and just the right balance of new/used pieces.


His white crib was, big sister Karys’, when she was little..we found it at Burlington Coat Factory. We spruced up the plain gray walls with these adorable triangle decals from urban walls.


That handsome guy on the wall is Ziggy the zebra. He is designed by Fiona Walker England and came from the most perfect online boutique, EFL sales in NYC. If you love Kreed’s zebra, just wait until you see the girl’s rooms.


Here’s a look at the opposite side of the room. This changing table used to be brown when it was in Laelle’s nursery, years ago. The gray glider was a baby shower gift from all the Grandmothers & we love it!! I’m still in search of a “pouf” or sweet little ottoman.


Kreed has a little gallery wall full of all my favorite black and white goodies. He loves to watch this serenity mobile (by Tip Toe Meadow ) while he’s on his back. Most of the time that’s the only way to get his attention and stop his crazy violent scissor kicks while I do my best to fasten his clothes. #boys He’s SO active now that he’s on the move.

The art prints were created by my sweet friend Alli, who is holding an Adoption Auction to fund their son’s adoption from Jamaica. You just might be able to bid on some of her other crazy beautiful creations here.

Kreed Pennant: One of my DIY’s

Triangle cloud: Hobby Lobby



I think his red hair is here to stay!


Teepee: The Lan of Nod

Crib Sheets: Amazon

Now for the girlier side of our home..


Karys’ current favorite colors are violet and mint/aqua so we tried to round up as many of those touches as I could.


We had so much fun putting the polka dots on the walls with my brother and sister in law…what a fun Christmas present.

Confetti Dot Decals: Urban Walls

Name Banner: One of my DIY’s using Amy Butler & vintage fabric


You can find my girls in their mermaid tails most lazy afternoons. I’ve had multiple conversations with them about NOT scooting down the hallway/stairs wearing their mermaid tails..Accident waiting to happen.

Mermaid Tails: The Tropical Mermaid

Bedding: Target


Oh Hello, perfect silver unicorn! We love her! She also came from

Now for Laelle’s room…


Laelle picked out coral & mint (with touches of gold)

Aqua rug: Rugs USA


I’m all kinds of giddy over this perfect flamingo head (also from She fits perfect in the space!

Skies are gray Wall art: Hobby Lobby

Embroidery hoop: DIY


This peachy blush bedding is so squishy and’s from Target.

Well I hope you enjoyed the room tours..there are still a few changes that I plan to make over time. Since we JUST moved into a brand new construction I hate to ask my hubby to change out standard light fixtures and such…those things will happen in time. Right now, I want to enjoy this space and start the memory making, full force!

Stay tuned for a full home tour soon…

Social Media Free Staycation

If you follow along on Insta you probably know I’ve been taking a little break from social media to refresh & renew certain areas of my life.

To say I was getting a little “obsessed” with my IG app was an understatement . It truly would be embarrassing to know how many times a day I pull it up just to “scroll”. I realized that was precious time that could be better spent elsewhere, from time to time.

Our little family was able to spend some much needed time together and make old/new memories. Here’s a little peek into our “Staycation”.


It all began with Laelle’s last ball game of the season… All 6 grandmothers & great grandmothers made the trip to watch her show her stuff.

My parents came in for a weekend trip from Cincinnati so my Dad and I were able to be Kyle’s referee groupies at a big rivalry game.


We had a sprinkle of weather delays so I was able to start working on some projects I’ve been meaning to tackle around the house, like this one…



I refer to this as the “Gilmore (market)” as I try and channel my inner Joanna Gaines.


*The letters have been collected over time from the At Home store and Hobby Lobby.

The weather called for a HUGE snow storm to hit the tri state area… So we did what every other normal family would do…We went to stock up on bread & milk…


We literally had 2 options in the bread department 1. great value wheat bread & 2. great value wheat bread. EEK!


May the (grocery shopping) force be with you…

On the morning of the expected snow fall, we all anxiously watched out the window for the snow to start. Within hours we had about 8 inches with more expected …


It was EPIC !


Our girls were in heaven! Kreed loved it for a few minutes but wasn’t digging snow bunny suit .




Kyle, of course, enjoyed the snow as much or MORE than the kids. He spent forever building this amazing igloo/snow slide…he was so proud of it and the girls of course, wanted to sleep in it. ha!

When the noses had taken all the cold air they could stand, everyone trampled their snow/mud covered (yes it’s still a construction zone back there) boots through the house for something warm.


We roasted marshmallows and tried out a fun Pinterest recipe for “Smores in a bag”


Laelle: “Mama! This might be the best thing you’ve ever made me!!!!”

Well thanks sweet girl, I tried.


Kreed and I snapped a few pics in the snow before tackling more “snow day” activities.



I tried to put the finishing touches on my Laundry room..(tour coming soon)


I finished my distressed wood Laundry sign that my husband and I have come to looooooothe in recent days (more about that on the Laundry Room tour)


The kids LITERALLY helped me organize the pantry (see the little kid writing on the sticky notes)


The girl’s sweet little rooms are all finished and I’ll be sharing those on a room tour very soon.


Kyle and I even ended up having a movie night in bed… well, he stayed on his ESPN app while I watched one of my all time favorite musicals. In between the eye rolls everytime Adam & Millie would break out in song, I caught him stealing glances ..he totally loved it. LOL

These days away from social media and the rest of the outside world (literally snowed in) have been such a refresher. In all seriousness, I was able to take a good hard look at our family & relationship dynamic to thank The Good Lord for the blessings and pray HARD to improve upon some things that needed to be better. I truly believe that God has His hand on this family of mine and for some unknown reason, picks us up time and time again to reveal more of His glory.

As I’ve said before, our marriage is a HUGE work in process (who’s isn’t) but this past week the Lord allowed a break through in our relationship. Some tough conversations took place, walls came down, and a pure kind of vulnerability has been evident on both our countenances. Hearing my husband say to me “This is what I always imagined my life to be like with you…” can ONLY come from the Lord’s healing hand. I’m all kinds of giddy, getting used to this wonderfully new normal in our relationship. We still have such a way to go, but that’s progress…wouldn’t you say? It’s been a LOOONNNGGG tough road but the blessings are evident now and even when we were in the middle of the storm.

Thanks for reading and caring (just a little ) about this family of ours. Every now and then, this blog gets dusted off to share a little peek into our family life, I’m sorry it’s been awhile.


Until next time…

DIY conversation heart shoes

diy converstaion heart shoes

At our last “grocery” run to Wal-mart we scored some plain white (Keds) type of tennis shoes for $5.95 each!

paint shoes diy

I knew I just HAD to decorate them up cute for Valentine’s Day! We made our way down the candy isle for some conversation hearts…next we searched the craft supplies for some pastel colors.

 For this DIY You will need the following:

paint palette diy

1. Craft Paints in pink, yellow, purple, green, orange

2. Fine Point Red pens (mine are sharpie brand)

3. Stamping tools (Q tips & cut straws) to keep little helpers busy while you work

4. Plain white shoes

5. Heart shaped die cut stamp/card stock

6. Heart candy of course!

heart diy shoes Step 1: Make a stencil using cardstock or thick paper & your heart die cut.

You want to remember to keep your stencil pushed

down TIGHT against the shoe so you can get a sharp line.

(I wanted to use a new one each time I painted a heart because I didn’t want the previous heart’s paint to bleed)

heart stencil shoe

 Step 2: Stencil various colors to cover all sides of your shoes.

heart stencil shoes

Step 3: Using your fine point pen, write “sweet” phrases on the hearts. (I even wrote my girl’s names on a heart or 2)

heart shoes heart candy

Ta Da!!! I think they turned out awfully cute!

conver sationheart shoes diy

converstaion heart shoes diy

conversation heart shoes diy