Bed time trick for super volume hair

Raise your hand if you have to be at work super early & for that reason prefer to be a nighttime bather It’s just not realistic for me to get up each morning to shower & dry all this hair PLUS get a first grader ready for school & take the other two to the baby sitter. I discovered a trick after being so OVER my flat-as-pancake , zero volume hair each morning.

This is how I add some volume with out heat & make morning styling MUCH easier . Hope you like & let me know if this trick works for you


DIY growth chart

I wanted to share a DIY that just made its debut in our home this week.








I’ve been hoping to get around to this DIY for quite awhile and it finally happened when a coworker friend and I decided to tackle some for a baby shower gift as well as our selves . ,


Here  is the most helpful tutorial. I figure “why re-invent the wheel” it was very easy to follow and understand . Hope yours turn out great…remember not to stress about little imperfections along the way , that’s what gives it character . My lines aren’t perfectly straight and I messed up when painting it but I love it that way.


Happy Crafting!


Pantry organization tour

Well I finally completed the organization project in the kitchen pantry. We haven’t lived here long enough for it to be a complete disaster …yet.

Kitchen marble farmhouse
I wanted to try to make it as functional as possible, as soon as possible.
During one of our snow days, we pulled everything out of the pantry…(Kreed gladly helped with this part)image


Next, Laelle helped by writing temporary sticky note labels until I was able to print my “nice” labels (from etsy.)

I printed these (customizable) labels from Sara Luke Creative (etsy), laminated them, hot glued them to these white silicon baskets I’ve been collecting from the Target $ spot.
During our (sometimes monthly) trip to Target there would always be some kind of white silicon basket in the glorious $ spot, so I would pick up 3 or 4. Before long, I had enough to completely stock our pantry.

Since we’ve moved into much more space, I’ve been trying to come up with a chore system where our girls were responsible for some tasks around the house . So I did what everyone else would do before tackling home projects…. PINTEREST.

I searched “chore charts” and came up with plenty of DIYs (that I didn’t really have time for) and some chore charts for purchase. Most were cute but did not fit our needs and weren’t customizable OR were super expensive.

Chore chart
I found these adorable chore charts from a shop called Abbie’s House and started to read up on them. Turns out they really know their stuff and let you customize the magnets to your needs, customize the layout of the chart & even customize the color of decorative ribbon.

Customizable chore chart
They were SO professionally packaged and very thorough with customer service. Plus their chore charts start at $16… You can’t make one half as nice for that price . Use coupon code prov31 for 10% off any order

My girls haven’t stopped asking for me to “give them chores” ☺️ This morning was the first full day I could see how the chore charts worked out. They woke up & went straight to see their chores for the day.

They’re growing so quickly and have needed more responsibility so this makes the process fun for them.

Kitchen pantry organization
I’m so pleased with how our kitchen is coming together and the functionality of it all.




If you are feeling frustrated with the functionality of your space … I feel your pain! I was right there with you for 8 years.

Make the best of the space, organize & re organize, pin, get inspired, get rid of the excess…

I totally live  by the motto:
“An organized house is a happy house”

I want everything to have its place in our home. That usually happens when you can label as much as possible… #labelallthethings

I’m even labeling our doors… Check out my chalkboard arrows from Hobby Lobby!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!